The Fishery

Specimen and Oak Lake

Netley Hall is host to a small fishing syndicate and allows day tickets for those staying in the holiday cottages (day ticket £10.00 per person). Host to 6 lakes the majority of fishing takes place on Specimen and Oak lake, with Specimen lake offering Carp up to 36 pounds in weight. 

Though all anglers can have luck on either lake we do suggest that the Specimen lake is for the more experienced angler and the Oak lake suits individuals new to the sport. Oak lake is host to a variety of Carp, Roach and Perch up to 14 pounds. 

Fishery Rules

The following rules must be followed at all times, anyone found to contravene one of these rules will have their membership revoked and no refund will be offered.
It is the duty of all club members to ensure that other members adhere to these rules, if you suspect another member of breaking these rules then please immediately inform Netley Hall.

  1. A club card must be presented upon request to any Netley staff member or, a card carrying club member.

  2. All members from the age of 12 must have an up to date E.A. license.

  3. No keep nets to be used at any time.

  4. Barbless hooks only size 10 to 18 on all pools, barbed hooks 20 or

    smaller can be used.

  5. No reserving pegs.

  6. Remove and take away any litter you find on your peg and surrounding

    fishery area.

  7. Fishing is 8:00am until 10:00pm on all ponds.

  8. Fish from clearly defined pegs only.

9. No tiger nuts to be used.
10. A maximum of 500gram dry ground bait can be used in any one 24 hour

period (this includes feeder mixes).
11. All wet foods e.g. Dog and cat meat, blood worm and joker are banned

on all waters.
12. No driving to poolside, cars are left at owners risk in the main Netley car

13. Fishing ends no later than 10:00pm and you must have vacated the site

by no later than 10:30pm.
14. You may on days where Netley Hall is hosting an event, be asked to fish

on the opposite side of the specimen lake or even move to another pool,

you will comply with this request immediately.

15. No floating baits to be used on any of the pools.

16 .Only two rods per fisherman to be used at anytime.

17. Unhooking matt to be used at all times.

18. No carp to be put in sacks.